Experience “Made in Germany”

You are interested in the German economy?

We will provide you with an insight look at German companies! We present you with a network of employees in your specialist field who will provide you with profound insights into their companies!

You want to get to know the corporate culture in Germany?

We inform you about the political, economic and social aspects of everyday German life! And we teach you the German language!

You would like to work for a German company?

We facilitate your contact with and your entrance ticket to a German company! We assist and advise you during in the application procedure! We show you how to survive a German assessment center.

At GOAL Germany, you can participate in a two- or three-week travel program through Germany individually or as a group. Throughout this journey you will visit major, internationally known German companies and dynamic small or medium-sized enterprises. During these visits you will get to know the employees and learn from their experience.

We help you establish contacts and provide you with background knowledge about the companies, so you improve your chances of working for these companies in Germany or in their foreign subsidiaries in your country.

When you want to set yourself apart from job competitors, understanding the peculiarites of German society and culture is a big advantage.. Furthermore, it is important to know the German language. We will teach you these cultural skills during the trip.