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In a globalized working environment, the expectations placed on your skills are constantly growing. You are ambitious to gain work experience abroad, you have graduated from college or are still enrolled?

Improve your career chances and get to know Germany and likeminded, ambitious graduates or undergraduates from all over the world.

You are searching for an opportunity to better understand the German economy and German companies? You are interested in getting to know people from foreign countries and would like to participate in a trip through Germany with them? Then come to the heart of Europe and experience an unforgettable journey with GOAL Germany!

You can expect an exciting program centered around business and economy, but also including culture, politics, intercultural trainings and other activities. We will visit German companies, corporations and universities so you get an insight view into corporate and campus life in Germany. You might also be interested in living and working in Germany in the future or in applying your skills in a branch of a German company in your home country!

Businesssprachreisen Firmenbesichtigung

Businesssprachreisen Hafen

Our staff will assist you during the informative day trips and ensure comfortable trips to the companies so you can fully focus on them. Every day we give you the possibility of visiting two different companies and chatting with their respective employees who will get you excited about their company.

In the free time, especially during the evenings and on weekends, you will have an opportunity to visit various German cities. You can expect a varied program of learning and having fun: we will take you to Hamburg, Berlin, Leipzig, Dresden, Stuttgart and Munich, among others. By visiting renowned universities and businesses, we improve your chances of studying or working in Germany. You will get to know Germany and German corporate culture in many ways.

In addition, you will have the opportunity to follow our dining or entertainment recommendations according to your personal preferences every day. Our experienced staff is available to you at any time if you ever need help.

Our goal is to help you gain experience and skills that will be very useful in your career and your future. You get the opportunity to build up a sustainable local network that will always accompany you in Germany and all over the world.

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