Language Courses

Summer language courses with GOAL Germany

GOAL Germany is your possibility spending your summer holidays with teenagers from all over the world in Germany and learn or improve your German skills.
GOAL = Go Out And Learn

Your language holidays with GOAL are clearly structured and offer a diversified program from morning till night with loads of leisure activities. Learn everything about our concept of summer language courses.
Course strucutre
Every day has it's fixed times. You'll breakfast from 7:30 till 9:00 am. Saturdays are reserved for trips to Hamburg or Berlin. A detailed tabular form of your german language school you'll find at structure of summer language courses.
Before we can start our language courses we will do an entry-level test so that everybody is in his language level suited to the own skills. Learn everything about the structure of the language class.
For the parents
As a matter of course we have a team of expert staff in charge and teacher that are always available for your child on a daily basis. The safety of your child is priority our work. Learn everything about the assistance during the german summer school.
Accommodation and class is taking place in the holiday village Muess directly located at the Schweriner Sea and just a couple of minutes from the city center of Schwerin. The holiday village offers loads of leisure activities. Learn everything about the accommodation.
Schwerin is not only capital of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern but has loads of interesting diversified excursion possibilities. Learn everything about Schwerin and it's possibilities.