For the parents

Good supervision and care

The very best care and safety for your children is our priority. Insurance is necessary in the event of an incident requiring medical care. We will pick up participants from the airport and from then on we will care for them around the clock. This also includes excursions and the time following lessons until we bring them safely back to the airport.

In case of homesickness or other problems, we will provide support and resources for your son and daughter to make their stay safe and enjoyable.

Many languages

Our team members speak several common languages. So in the event that your child has any questions or concerns we will try to speak to them in their native tongue.

Qualified teachers

GOAL-GERMANY hires highly qualified and dedicated teachers who are specially educated to teach german as a foreign language. Many of our teachers have studied or worked abroad, speak several languages and have traveled extensively. They have also built strong bonds with people from different countries and cultural backgrounds. Lessons are taught using modern teaching methods supported by audio/visual aids.

Varied lessons

We will work with your child on all the different language faculties: speaking, reading, listening and writing. Participants will also improve their vocabulary and grammar. Lessons are taught in German from the very first class, so the learning process starts early. In the varied classes we will encourage your child to improve their communication skills and they will also learn about german culture, history, traditions and politics. The learning process succeeds by using current content and provided learning materials. Your child will be actively involved in the lessons and will notice their improvement quickly. And don’t forget- the classes will be also a lot of fun!